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Up to now, sports such as surfing, karate, baseball and skateboarding have all been proposed to the International Olympic Committee to be included in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. It’s optional for local Olympic organizers to add one more sport to the competition roster.

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Tokyo organizers proposed these five sports last year, and the IOC will vote on the final list of sports in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's capital city.

The IOC will also hold a press conference of sports leaders on June 21st to approve the athletes' admissibility for the Rio Olympics. Then the decision about what to do with the Russian squad in Rio will be made in four days.

Some members of the council disagree with banning the entire Russian team from competing in this event, after the World Anti-Doping Agency reported on union steroid abuse, fraud, and ethics violations in Russia.

Adams suggested that we wait until the IAAF makes its final verdict on whether honest Russian athletes will have the right to participate in the Rio Olympics or not in the meeting on June 21st, and absolutely the outcome will be determined by a variety of factors.

A disciplinary body conducted by the IOC lays down that an Olympic doping sample will be examined and double-checked to ensure the accuracy of the final result.

In 2020, the Olympics will be hosted in Tokyo. It is projected that 474 participants and 18 events will be inserted to the roster as a result of the local organizers' alleged sports. If the IOC approves, the Tokyo Games will feature 33 sports and approximately 11,000 athletes worldwide.

There was still an unexpected problem that skateboarding has become the most serious problem due to a lack of management. Fortunately, due to the organizers' timely efforts, it has been added to the official list of 2020 Tokyo Olympics events.

Baseball has been eliminated off the list of Olympic sports since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The return to Tokyo could be an opportunity for this sport to seek appreciation from the International Olympic Committee. Surprisingly, instead of the usual eight teams of baseball, just six are present, which is not exactly what the officials expect.

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